Fresh liquids

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Fresh batches of 20 mm boilies

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Balance Hookbait Boilies (13)

Impulse Series Boilies (36)

Liquids (5)

Pop ups (50)

Craft Series Boilies (9)

Pellets (10)

Tackle (91)

Tiger Nuts and Particles (11)

Our products, which have already won wide recognition, continue to catch carp all over the country, set new records in trophy fishing and bring trophies in sports competitions. With the help of our products, many carp have already been caught both on pressed sports and wild reservoirs, where carp never saw a boilie and a hook before. We offer a wide range of baits for carp fishing, created according to our original recipes, which makes our product unique. Passion for carp fishing, love for our work and passion for quality are our core values. It is the values that define our activities. And that is why we can offer you baits and hookbaits in which you can be absolutely confident.